Celebration at my Fingertips

Hello everyone, Welcome back to nails of the week! I’m going to attempt to make this a regular weekly thing. I paint my nails weekly on Sunday anyway so that shouldn’t be too hard. Worst case scenario I do have at least 2 years of never seen before material. Today I am wearing “Better not Pout” from China Glaze Cheers Collection, with “Infrared-y to Glow” … Continue reading Celebration at my Fingertips

Gnats in the Plants!

Hello everyone, What started out as wanting a simple decor piece quickly became almost like an obsession! I just want more!! I’ve surrounded myself in houseplants I think I’m up to 16 now, not including my outdoor container garden! Yikes! Please tell me I’m not the only one out there that’s “plant mad”! I’ve been growing my green little family for about 4 years now. … Continue reading Gnats in the Plants!

Blizzard Resistant Collection!

    Hello everyone! It finally snowed here! I was beginning to worry my plants were feeling confused. My strawberries are everbearing and they started to flower again. You can see in the picture my confused strawberries, peppers and blueberries. You can’t really see Strawberry flowers as they blend in with the snow but they are there. Clearly these plants think they are blizzard resistant. … Continue reading Blizzard Resistant Collection!

Hello sexy air boot!

Hey everyone! I’m week one into wearing this very not so fancy air cast. I’ve already had enough of it! The alternative to wearing it however is unattainable at this time. Planters Faciitis is serious business! I’ve been struggling with this condition for a while now. I had it in both feet, I managed to remedy the left foot no hassles. The right foot, that’s a … Continue reading Hello sexy air boot!